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Planes for Sale - The Internet Has All the Planes for Sale You Want

The Internet is definitely the shop which satisfies any taste or wish. According to Forbes magazine, there are a lot of weird things which can be bought on the Internet, things which can cost up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Some of these items would be the planes for sale we can find, the tanks, the islands or the trips to the bottom of the ocean. If you have a high budget, you can even buy a piece of the Moon or the sheik of Bahrein's yacht. In fact, you can even by a fair.

Image of Plane for Sale.If someone decides to choose to buy an aeroplane for sale, they usually get a test flight with the plan they want to buy, this test flight costing around five thousand euros per hour. However, the good thing is that the client gets their money back when they buy the plane. The delivery dates for new planes is between one and five years, depending on the type of plane chosen.

Order a New Plane for Sale

There are different steps you have to take into consideration when it comes to placing an order for one of the jet planes for sale you find with different companies or on the Internet. First of all, you need to sign a cover letter and to deposit five hundred thousand euros, which is returned at the end of the agreement. Then, once you sign the sales agreement, you have to pay five per cent of the value of the plane. Then, you pay another five per cent three years before the delivery date, ten per cent two years before, twenty per cent a year before and thirty per cent six months before the delivery date. Last but not least, you pay the rest of thirty per cent when you get the plane.

On the other hand, there is something else you can do. If you find a plane for sale you want to buy, you can be a co-payer or sign up for different programs. When you only buy a part of the plane, you actually own it together with a number of other such owners. Although there are more owners of the same plane, you have the plane at your disposal whenever you want. A leasing agreement is just as convenient. You rent a plane, but the payments you make don't represent fractions of the plane, but the rent you pay to use it.

Lord Foster's Planes for Sale

NetJets Europe named Lord Norman Foster as the winner of the Pritzker prize, for its interior and exterior design of the newest and most performing planes for sale today, the Falcons 7X. NetJets is the world's leader on the private planes market. Lord Norman Foster is also the designer of the well-known St Mary Axe building in London.

Therefore, if you have a more daring dream, you can choose from the planes for sale you can find in so many places today. All you have to do is to have a few tens of millions of dollars, so good luck with your savings!